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Crysterra Wellness Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient healing modality that deals with the principal that nerve endings in the feet and hands correspond to all glands, organs, regions and systems of the body. When stress, toxins and illness are present, the natural flow of energy is compromised and manifests as congestion in the corresponding reflex points and dis-ease within the body.


Reflexology works with the premise that stimulation of specific pressure points on the feet and hands activate the body’s self-healing response. This helps to relieve tension, increase nerve and blood supply, improve circulation and to normalize and balance the entire body.


Reflexology helps break up accumulations of uric acid and crystalized calcium deposits (by-products of the liver and kidneys).  This congestion is then released into the bloodstream to be flushed out of the body via the urinary and excretory systems.


Reflexology is suitable for all ages and levels of health and may be used as a complimentary therapy to assist in the healing of many health concerns.

Crysterra Wellness Reflexology Sessions are focused on relaxation, nurturing and healing. The more relaxed and in-tune we are with ourselves, the better we are able to self-heal. 


What makes a session with me different is although trained in Clinical Reflexology as well as Thai Reflexology, equal importance is also placed on connection, comfort and relaxation.  


My goal is for you to leave your session feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and as if you are walking on clouds; knowing that we are working together as a team to bring your mind, body and spirit towards a new level of optimal health and balance.

By appointment:

call/text (734)649-1849

Clinical Foot Reflexology

Clinical Foot Reflexology is the more basic of the two reflexology session offerings. You are treated to a warm foot soak to cleanse and soften the feet as we connect and set our intention for your session(s).  You are then invited to recline onto a luxuriously padded reflexology table.   Sheets, weighted blankets and eyeshades are offered. Your session will begin with a brief guided visualization to get you completely and totally relaxed.  Gentle pressure, stimulation and relaxation techniques are then applied to the various reflex points on the feet. As your session concludes you are gently welcomed back and offered a glass of crystal infused water as findings and recommendations (optional) are discussed.

Spa and Wellness

Luxe Foot Reflexology

A Luxe Reflexology Session is designed to be the ultimate in relaxation, nurturing and self-care. Think of it as a mini spa vacation!  This upgraded and extended session includes everything in a Clinical Foot Reflexology Session with the addition of a fizzing foot bomb bath soak, extended guided visualization, hot towels, premium lotions, oils and salves. Additional Luxe only add-on options of Hot Stone Therapy and Aromatherapy are also available. 


Add on's

Several add-on's are available for either your

Clinical or Luxe Reflexology Session

Combination Hands & Feet

Detoxifying Salt Scrub & Soak

Mini Reiki Chakra Energy Balance


Hot Stone Therapy *only available as a Luxe Reflexology add-on


Session Location

Crysterra Wellness Office

3173 Baker Rd. Dexter MI. 48130

Suite A

located upstairs @Verapose Yoga House 


Image by Allan Bueno

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