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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of Reflexology?

Reflexology dates back to ancient times, and has its roots in Ancient Egypt, China (including work with the meridians of the body) India, Japan and Thailand. For centuries scientists have explored the theory that energy zones run throughout the human body. In 1917, Dr. William Fitzgerald rediscovered Reflexology and brought it to the U.S.

What will my first Reflexology Session be like?

When it is time for your appointment to begin you will be invited upstairs to the Crysterra Wellness session room (alternate accommodations can be made for those with mobility issues). The session room is a calm, spa-like environment.  Elements of nature, such as water, natural light, plants, and gentle music weave together so that you may focus your senses on pure relaxation. 

You are treated to a warm foot soak to cleanse and soften the feet as we connect and set our intention for your session(s).  You are then invited to recline onto a luxuriously padded reflexology table.  Sheets, weighted blankets and eyeshades are offered.

Your session will begin with a brief guided visualization to get you completely and totally relaxed.  Gentle pressure, stimulation and relaxation techniques are then applied to the various reflex points on the feet.

As your session concludes you are gently welcomed back and offered a glass of crystal infused water as findings and recommendations (optional) are discussed.

What is the difference between a Clinical Foot Reflexology Session and a Luxe Session?

A Luxe Reflexology Session is designed to be the ultimate in relaxation, nurturing and healing. Think of it as a mini-vacation! 


This upgraded and extended session includes everything in a Clinical Foot Reflexology Session with the addition of a fizzing foot bomb bath soak, extended guided visualization, hot towels, premium lotions, oils and salves. Additional Luxe only add-on options of Hot Stone Therapy and Aromatherapy are also available. 

Most Popular!

Are there any add-ons available for my session?

Yes! Combinations sessions consisting of an additional 15 minutes of Hand Reflexology, Detoxifying Salt Scrub & Soak or Mini Reiki Chakra Energy Balancing are available.  Both Hot Stone Therapy (Luxe only) and Aromatherapy can also be added to your session. 


Hot Stone Therapy incorporates the use of warmed stones applied to the feet and/or hands at specific reflex points during your session.


Aromatherapy incorporates the use of various appropriate essential oils (in dilution) to the reflexes of the feet. 


A variety of "take-home treats" such as fizzing foot and bath bombs, bath salts, meditation candles, smudging sprays, aromatherapy roller balls, moisturizing foot masks and more as well as purpose specific natural crystals and crystal jewelry are available for purchase at the Crysterra Wellness Boutique

What are the Reflexology Paths to Wellness?

After deciding on they type of session you prefer - it is time to decide on your options - otherwise known as "Paths to Wellness".

Option #1 is personalized clinical reflexology that is designed to assist in specific concerns such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, and other physical, neurological or emotional issues. This involves an initial consultation, protocol, and typically a series of sessions. 

Option #2 is general relaxation reflexology for those who are looking to treat themselves from time to time - specific issues are not addressed.

What should I expect from my first session?

Although immediate benefits can be felt at or right after your 1st appointment, it typically takes 4-6 weeks for the human body to reach a new level of balance. Just as when any new self-care practice like diet, exercise or other healing modalities are implemented, it takes time for your body to adjust and show optimal results. It is recommended to begin reflexology and energy work with 6 weekly/bi-weekly sessions. 


Most commonly clients receive maintenance sessions every few weeks to once per month depending on other modalities incorporated into their self-care (reflexology, reiki, lithotherapy, massage, chiropractic, yoga etc.). When you find yourself saying: “I wonder how long it has been since my last appointment?” – that is your body telling you that you could benefit from a session to maintain that new level of balance. 


Together we can determine what role reflexology and energy work can play in your plan for optimal wellness!


What if I am ticklish or self conscious of my feet?

Reflexology administers gentle steady pressure that is soothing and relaxing.  It is extremely rare for someone to be too ticklish for a Reflexology session - in fact I have never encountered anyone too ticklish (even if they express concern prior to a session)! 


A Reflexologist is a part of your self-care healing team and does not judge you or your feet.  We've all travelled different paths to get where we are today.  Because of many variables including heredity, occupation and life experiences; everyone's feet have their own unique shape and structure with their own story to tell. Embracing your whole-self is an important step towards self-acceptance, self-love and ultimately self-care.

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to the personalization, research and preparation involved with your session; notification by phone or text message at least  24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time is required to avoid a 100% late cancellation/no show fee (except in cases of emergency).

What methods of payment are accepted?

Cash, Personal Check or Credit Card payment is due at or before time of service. 

*All credit card transactions require a 4% processing fee.


Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes!  Gift Certificates, and pre-wrapped Gift packages (full of lots of goodies such as service certificates, foot masks, creams, foot bombs etc.) are available or you can have a Custom Gift Package made just for you!

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